Scientific research made accessible

To install the package, use:
At this point, R will probably ask you to choose a mirror, and will then proceed to download packages that are required by the userfriendlyscience package, and the packages required by those packages, etc. You can also install the most recent (in progress) version, using:
install.packages('userfriendlyscience', contriburl='', type='win.binary', dependencies=TRUE);
Or, if you don't run Windows, specify that you want the source version using:
install.packages('userfriendlyscience', contriburl='', type='source', dependencies=TRUE);
R doesn't always manage to download the dependencies from CRAN when you use this latest version, so you might want to install the regular CRAN version of userfriendlyscience first, and then run the command above so that most required packages are loaded already. You can replace the type argument with "type='source'" to download the source package and compile it in R.

Once it's done, you can load the package with:
You can get an overview of the userfriendlyscience package, with a link to the index with a list of the functions in the package, with:
You can also consult the documentation hosted here.